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“We help people who are thinking about or making major career moves – onwards, inwards and upwards.”

Amanda Alexander, Partner

For companies...

Boards recognise that one-to-one support for their most senior people at times of change can have a measurable impact on business performance.

Stork & May supports executives moving on from an organisation, helps new hires gain rapid traction, and guides and equips those progressing to new levels. Our understanding, experience and approach contribute to smooth, successful outcomes.

We are independent, objective and work at the most senior levels. As a firm, we have exceptional insight into what makes people succeed and the obstacles that can stop them from succeeding. Our understanding is underpinned by years of discussion with Board members and other senior leaders in the course of working with individual clients.

For many years Stork & May’s core activity has been advising senior executives who are leaving their companies, often for reasons beyond their control. We provide grounded, informed and positive assistance which minimises the difficulties and results in a more effective outcome for both the individual and the company. This in turn has an encouraging effect on those who remain.

Stork & May also works with individuals whilst they are in-role, often when they are either starting a new job or have been promoted to a new level and breadth of responsibility. Here we mentor against clear objectives, or help individuals to find a concurrent non-executive role on another Board to develop new perspectives and understanding.

Your future, our experience.
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